The cause that the Japanese mistranslated.

Generally, the Japanese subtitles are not complete translation.

Long words are summarized in Japan.
If all are written, before spectators will finish reading, it is because a screen will change.
Therefore, the Japanese subtitles writer is explained like this with the complaint about words."It is difficult to tell the right nuance by the short text. It becomes ambiguous
However, a mistake of "ALATRISTE" is not a problem of the nuances. This is complete mistranslation.

The Japanese distributing agency of this movie has announced that Alatriste decided proposed to marry.
This photograph is the press sheet (part) distributed to media, when the movie of "ALATRISTE" is exhibited in Japan.

This is written "Alatriste made a decision to propose to Maria" in Japanese.
This text was quoted and advertized by the review of many of media.
That is, the translator was not able to understand the most important portion of this movie.

The cause that the Japanese misunderstood. 

The translator and the supervisor of the DVD were not able to recognize the lines of the landlady of the jeweler definitely.

Spanish of these lines is this.
A lo mejor, abuso de vuestra confianza. Pero... ¿estaría equivocada si pensara que con este obsequio vuestra merced está pensando en, digamos... un futuro con esa dama tan hermosa?

This is a picture of the Japan DVD. This Japanese subtitles is this sense.
"If it is my misunderstanding, I apologize. This is a present to consider the future with the beautiful lady. Is it so?"
(Alatriste considered it about the future with Maria. Therefore he bought the necklace.)



This is the sentence structure that the Japanese students gets a wrong most. The Japanese is not familiar with the conditional mood.
When an incompetent person translates it, this sentence will mean marriage.
That is, in Japan, Alatriste is supposed to have bought a necklace for a proposal of marriage.

The revision of subtitles of the DVD was failed.

Japanese fans protested subtitles for the theater. The subtitles for theaters were too bad. And the revision of subtitles was carried out with the DVD.
The Japanese distributing agency employed the translator of the novel of the original for the supervision of subtitles.
Mission of this supervisor, it are to clear from the disgrace of "Capitán". The reason is because it has been reported that "Capitán" abandons a pride and becomes the husband of the prostitute.
However, he did not understand it. And he got a wrong translation.
He does not understand the conditional mood clearly.
The Japanese people do not think that there is not an intention to marry to "Capitán " in this.
In fact, this supervisor was a nominal translator. He cannot speak Spanish. He was not able to understand the pride of "Capitán " either.

Wikipedia of Japan was rewritten by the person who had malice.

We want to correct the subtitles of DVD again if it is possible to do.
And, we want to put it on the market again.
However, it costs a lot of money to do it.
Therefore, we put an article of the mistranslation on the plural reviews that an amateur could write in. And we wrote in a right story in Japanese wikipedia. So that an audience reads it at least.
However, it was erased by a certain anonymous person.
(We are convinced that this person is the supervisor of the DVD).
The person insisted in this way. "The supervisor of the DVD does not accept mistranslation".
The sentence of "expert" is given priority to in Wikipedia.
The supervisor of the DVD can introduce itself as "expert".
The person (The supervisor) wrote this in "note-page" for the discussion about Wikipedia.


It is written in the first sentences like this. "Capitán" described various reasons about the marriage and did not answer promptly.
In a word, he is insisting like this. “"Capitán" decided marriage after having hesitated. And, he went to buy the necklace.
(We are convinced that it is a supervisor of subtitles to have written this sentence.
In his translation, the lines of the scene where Alatriste declines marriage are vague.)

And, it is written in the second sentences like this. "If you want to correct specialist's sentences, you should obtain a degree and announce the treatise."
"Even if the movie director in Spain sends the message to you, it is not permitted to be described to Wikipedia. It is because it is not an official document announced in Japanese."
The supervisor of the DVD is beyond the opinion of the director of the movie.
We were dumbfounded to this insistence.

We were able to print a sentence on wikipedia last year. The reason is because the associate professor of the Spanish subject of Japan supported our claim.
However, our sentence was deleted in unreasonableness again.
The manager of Wikipedia said in this way. "Some fans are going to force the claim of oneself. This is propaganda."
Wikipedia in deference to "expert" still supports the claim of the supervisor.

The Japanese distributing agency transmitted such an email to us. "The person in charge of this movie already left our company. Therefore we do not recognize the problem".
And they continue selling this movie by cable TV and Web delivery.

Only one means is left for us.

It is that a person engaged in the production of this movie points out mistranslation by the interview by the Japanese reporter. If it is a Japanese article, many people notice the error of subtitles. And wikipedia recognizes it in evidence if it is the Japanese interview.
Among its people concerned, who will it be to seem to receive the interview by the Japanese reporter? Of course it is Mr Viggo Mortensen.

We pray for this sentence reaching Viggo.
And we dream of the day when such a Japanese interview is announced.
"Alatriste did not decide marriage. For him, it was impossible choice. "
Thank you for reading poor English.

Japanese fans.

There is more detailed explanation here if you do not mind even a Japanese sentence.


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